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The Mayhem In Medford. Part 2.6: Karen By Design Charged With A Crime.

Susan McBride Happily Trespassing.

It’s not often somebody video tapes themselves in the commission of a crime to use it against themselves, but when they do, it is most likely a Ken or a Karen. The name Becky was somehow replaced by the name Karen about 3 years ago, which is the term used to describe a nosey ninny who will call 911 at the drop off a dime on almost anything.

“Hello, 911, What’s Your Emergency”.

“There are people using charcoal in the park to have a BBO!”.

“Mam, I asked if there is an emergency”

“Didn’t you hear me, they have bacon in the potato salad”.

“Excuse me, but what is your emergency?”.

“Ahhhhh, I am being attacked by black people with chicken seasoning, send the police, it burns!”.

“Sending a unit.”.

This is the slightly embellished scene that played out in Oakland four years ago when Jennifer Schulte, also known as BBQ Becky, decided to call the police on a black family who were just having a BBQ in the park. Schulte did such an amazing acting job, inclusive of tears, sobs, and false claims of being attacked, that the name Becky was retired to her prowess as if she was the Michael Jordan of frivolously calling 911. While BBQ Becky was held for a 72 hour psychiatric hold, she was never arrested nor charged with a crime, and never publicly interviewed or has been seen from again.

The same though cannot be said for the neighbor of the Carns family farm in Medford, Susan McBride, who not only called 911 at least 17 times in last 10 years, but she has also been arrested multiple times.

McBride has been arrested 4 times for shoplifting in Medford, all occurring after November of 2021, and multiple other traffic offenses, which include blocking traffic two separate times. McBride can now add one more arrest to her criminal resume, because just yesterday, she was charged with theft for stealing the Carns’s no trespassing signs. The same signs that McBride ignored when she took a video of herself trespassing on the Carns property, even entering a building unannounced but the video oddly stops just after she enters the building.

Information gathered from an OPRA request shows that on April 1st at 5:11 pm, that same video was sent to the Township manager, Kathy Burger, in an email that just read “Feel free to edit. I don’t video well, but my kids are good.”.

When a video is made and or a new version of it is created, a metadata tag is created that stamps the time it was created. If you go by the time the video was emailed from McBride to Burger, it should have been prior to 5:11 pm on April 1st, but it is not. The version sent to us from an OPRA request shows that the video was edited, just as McBride suggested for Burger to do, and it was done so almost 4 hours after Burger received the video ay 9:09 pm on April 1st.

While the edited version was sent to us, an unedited version of the video of McBride obviously trespassing on the Carns property, was sent to the Mayor, as well as all Council members on April 4th. The very next day the township’s Zoning Officer, Beth Portocalis, sent several threatening violation notices to the Carns family, telling them to move the commercial vehicles parked on their property and giving them 60 days to comply.

The township must not have read their own 60 day rule in their violation notices though, because suspiciously at the May 3rd council hearing, Brian Carns was told by the township Solicitor, Timothy Prime, that Portocalis nor he could answer his question due to the farm having outstanding citations. Both Carns were directed to bring their questions in front of the Zoning board instead of Prime or Portocalis answering since the case was now in the court system. When the Carns went to the zoning board. they were told by the board that they do not even have any mechanism to help them, so there was nothing the board could do.

McBride can chalk up one more arrest on her record as well very soon, because the Carns are headed downtown to have her charged with trespassing from the evidence that McBride recored of herself that the entire Township’s Governing body was aware of. When a governing body condones illegal activity, and knowingly uses it as tool to harass a family by deputizing a person such as McBride, they are willingly giving McBride carte blanche to commit crimes while colluding with township officials to put the Carns family through a living hell.

Tonight at 7 pm the Medford Township Council will be meeting for the first time since we released part one of our series. Just 2 hours after releasing part 1, Stiffed Wood, the Council canceled the meeting that was set for that week, but that doesn’t seem the case for tonight, where the entire government body will be on the hot seat.


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