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The Mayhem in Medford: Part 2.5 Karen By Design.

Most public comment sections of meeting are usually mundane and boring, with many public meetings rarely receiving any comments at all, but the public comments section the last few weeks in Medford have been like watching a real life soap opera. In the last two installments we got to hear from the Carns brothers, and got their side of the story. So, since some folks are asking for the neighbors side of things, I figured it’s best to hear it right from the horse breeder’s mouth.

The first video below was taken at the April 5th, 2021 Medford Council meeting, where in between the twin Carns brothers, Susan McBride got to tell her story. The three videos located below the council hearing video, were submitted by McBride to Medford’s clerk, Kathy Burger, and were used as evidence for Beth Portocalis to write violation notices on the Carns farm. In the last video, McBride is clearly trespassing on the Carns property, even entering a building unannounced. What is extremely troubling, is that the township used an illegally obtained video to write violation notices against the farm, yet did nothing about the illegal trespassing.

Just days after the video was taken, Portocalis sent a message to McBride, reminding her that the meeting that evening was to start at seven o’clock. McBride responds and asks Beth to proof read her comments, calling it, a “pain in the tukiss” to write the comments she made at that nights meeting.

With the next council meeting looming this Tuesday night, many are wondering what the government officials side of the story will be, but first, let’s hear from a self proclaimed, Karen, who she says, was only by force.

Video submitted by McBride to Township Officials.
Video submitted to Township Officials by McBride.
Video submitted by McBride which shows her trespassing and entering their barn.

4 responses to “The Mayhem in Medford: Part 2.5 Karen By Design.”

  1. There may be many components to this situation that can be introduced to give a ‘complete’ story…but as the fragments are pieced together at this point it appears ‘Karen’ needs a life. Enlisting your children to partake in activity that is morally and ethically questionable is characterizing who she is. What’s confusing is how this saga developed from the mayor’s lack of payment for firewood into a neighbor’s trespassing to a zoning officer engaging in texting with a resident with proofreading and a meeting reminder. Perhaps the focus should shift to renaming the town ‘Hellford’ and make a movie there; it is certainly entertaining. It’s like the town has gone MAD.


  2. Thank you Patrick Duff for standing up for Medford. You are what we need and I appreciate what you’re doing!


  3. This woman is clearly not right. Its my opinion but she is definitely not the usual human you run across. She has bee in a lot of trouble and should do some time in the county jail to wake her up. But even more disturbing than that the township catering to one resident solely it not a good look for the township.


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