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The Mayhem In Medford: Duff’s Opening Arguments.

When I was a little kid there was a period of time that I would refuse to answer anyone unless they called me “Sinbad”. Not the terrible comic, Sinbad, nope, but Sinbad the sailor, the nomadic warrior who would travel from place to place getting into glorious battles. I stuck by my guns so much that one year I refused to accept any gifts unless they were labeled Sinbad, even refusing to go up to sit on my Pop Pop’s lap when he would call out all of the family members names as he was dressed up as Santa. I’ll admit, I am a stubborn son of a gun, but hey, you got to meet my Dad.

My Dad is so tough that when my friends would call the house and he’d pick up, they’d just hang up in fear of his interrogations. He could whip out his leather belt like he was Pootie Tang himself, tanning my two brothers and my hides if we got out of line. When I was about six, he warned me several times that if he caught me riding my bike in the street again, that he’d chop it up with an axe. Now I know what you’re thinking, no way, he didn’t do it, did he? Yup, he literally chopped up my little Huffy up into pieces on the side of the house.

A couple of years later, while me and my brothers were playing the Nintendo, he called us for dinner, and with him, you only got one call. Not wanting to turn it off, we performed our own little sit in and didn’t move, a move he ended quickly by crushing the Nintendo under his foot.

If I ever said to my Mom, “You know what I mean”, she’d say “No, I don’t know what you mean, please explain”.

So, when full grown adults, who are in charge of people’s safety and well being refuse to act responsibly in public office, and refuse to answer questions, I just think of my little Huffy and let them have it.

For the last few weeks I have been delving into a situation in Medford, where a NJ family has been retaliated against by the local officials, who are being assisted by a crazy neighbor. The first part of the series, Stiffed Wood, was released just 12 days ago on May 13. Just two hours after its release, and with thousands of people reading it in just the Medford area alone, the township canceled the scheduled public meeting and rescheduled it for the 24th.

Below are two very compelling videos, one of Heather Carns Canavan, and the other from myself speaking at the May 24th Medford Town Council hearing. Please watch Heather’s video first, as I had to sit and listen to her speak about just wanting her to protect her baby, which infuriated me. What also infuriated me is not only the treatment of the Carns family, but of one of the families tree service customers who the township harassed as well and most likely gave him a bad case of PTSD, a favor I return to the entire government body, who I also ask all to resign.


One response to “The Mayhem In Medford: Duff’s Opening Arguments.”

  1. These twp officials are, again, like mummified corpses, failing to acknowledge their misdeeds because they are hiding under the shield of their supposed glorified positions. Where in fact, they are merely portraying themselves as incapable, unwilling, and unworthy of the positions they oathed for community good. Shameful at the least. They need to acknowledge crossing boundaries of good judgment and portray a better example for themselves, their families, and the public. Instead they have been sucked into a vacuum that they are whirlwinding in to favor and commit at any lengths of patronage in hopes of escalating position and image. I fail to see the expected value/reward in the commitment to promote good in the community, command respect for your representation when you exemplify gross misconduct, and feel you are above answering to the very people who are responsible for entrusting you to represent them. It’s sick, it’s unethical, it’s immoral, and yes illegal. How do they sleep at night and look in the mirror at themselves? The body language of superiority demonstrates it all.


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