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NJ Lawmakers hypocritical on Marijuana reform.

In July of this year Jersey City voted to decriminalize marijuana and allow for civil citations rather then arresting people for small amounts of pot.  It was hailed by many as a big step in the right direction for a state that has a  massively high racial disparity in the enforcement of it’s marijuana laws.  Mayor Steve Fulop was a big proponent of the law and was extremely excited to see it pass.


“The fact is, marijuana arrests and prosecutions in New Jersey, and around the nation, point to severe inequalities that negatively impact people of color disproportionately, and lead to long-term economic challenges for anyone who finds themselves prosecuted for possession,” said Mayor Fulop. “We are working to correct this with our new policy in a proactive way, and I am proud that we will be the first in the state to do so.”

Not so fast Mayor Fulop, didn’t you realize that in NJ you have to ask permission to do anything?  Didn’t you get the memo that we have Godfather style politics?  I mean, you do remember that the big beach bum Christie was able to block off an exit to your city from the GW Bridge because you didn’t kiss his ring, right?


Just a day after the city voted to change the way their police enforce an archaic law the NJ Attorney General let Mayor Fulop know that he could not “supersede” NJ laws in anyway and that they would have to continue to arrest people for pot.  Can you imagine that, a city takes a vote on a question that had been on the ballot for months and just a day after it’s passed the attorney general says they are not allowed to implement it?  But hold on now, that doesn’t make any sense considering the fact that the state is allowing 6 very rich white men to grow, process and sell hundreds of pounds a month, completely breaking state and federal laws.


Where does the AG get off saying that Jersey City can’t decriminalize pot but the state can allow others to break federal laws at the behest of the legislature?  Doctors are charging $200 a pop for a piece of paper and dispensaries are charging $500 per ounce for something that is selling on the street for $150-$200.  So who are these “bad guys”, as Phil Murphy calls people who sell pot on the open market?   The state also runs a racketeering scam by allowing police to access patients purchase records to make sure the cannabis they find during a search was purchased at one of the 6 monopolies.  If you are caught with pot but haven’t made a purchase in a while you can get arrested after the police check your purchase records. #HIPAAViolation

Now the state legislature just passed a bill that will potentially legalize marijuana in the garden state, which is even a step further into breaking federal and even international laws, but the AG is silent, why?  The people of Jersey City merely voted to stop arresting people for small amounts of pot but the NJ AG wouldn’t allow them to follow the will of the voters under the auspices that the city couldn’t supersede state law, yet the state legislature are allowed to not only circumvent federal laws, they also get to pick the people who get to make millions of dollars in doing so.



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