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More sweet deals for friend of Councilperson Johnson.

Recently the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on some deals that involved Philly Councilperson Kenyatta Johnson and his friend Felton Hayman that netted Hayman a cold hard $165,000 from a couple of real estate flips involving some properties purchased from the city.  The kicker was that on the properties there were 16 other bidders that were willing to pay more than Hayman, yet the Inquirer reported that Johnson used his power to recommend that Hayman be awarded the properties anyway, even though there were 16 other bidders on the same property.  The Inquirer reported that even though there were 16 other bidders on the property, the form used to approve the sale of the property incorrectly only listed 1 bidder, which just happened to be Hayman.  The Inquirer also reported on several other properties that Hayman bought back in 2016, 1927 and 1929 Manton as well as 1914 Ellsworth.

1927 and 1929 Manton Street after being redeveloped. Notice how it towers above the current homes?


The FBI has said that they are investigating Philadelphia’s land sales but it seems that there might be several other properties that could come into question involving both Johnson and Hayman.   Here is a list:

On 9-18-2012 Hayman purchased 1420 South 19th St. from the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority for just $10,000.  After building a 3 story home on the property Hayman sold it for $323,000 in 2015.

On 10-28-2011 Hayman purchased 1900 Reed St. for $18,000 and after developing the land sold it for $247,500.

On 6-8-2010 Hayman bought 1931 Dickenson St. for what is listed as nominal, he then sold it back to himself for $5000 just 45 days later and on 1-11-2012 it was sold for $155,000.

On 8-8-2013 1639 South 22nd Street was purchased by Hayman for $25,500, developed and then sold for $750,000 in 2017.

Hayman Construction also has several nice deals they got in the Point Breeze area, here is a list:

On 4-29-16 Hayman Construction bought 1920 Kater St, for $248,763 and just a couple of months later sold it for $358,000.

On 8-27-18 1200 S Bucknell  was just recently bought for $36,000.

On 1-13-2016 Hayman Construction bought 1245 S. Bucknell for $70,488, which was part of a group deal that was discussed in the 2016 Inquirer article but for some reason the article left this one out, and after developing the property Hayman sold it for $415,000.


Hayman and or his construction company have purchased at least 6 properties from the RDA in the Point Breeze area,  4 for $70,488 each, one for $18,000, and the last for just $10,000, totaling $309,952, and selling for a combined total of $2,065,500.  Not bad at all.






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