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Delran’s Mayor Refuses To Answer Questions 3 Months After Promissing Answers.

Delran Mayor Gary Catrambone made a statement that he released on February 5th, where he made a promise to the people of Delran, a small town of just about 16 000 in NJ, to answer some difficult questions that had been posed mostly by local Activist, Patrick Duff, who first broke on the Delran political scene last year when he began investigating and reporting on a retirement party for Carli Lloyd, a Delran native and one of the most recognizable female soccer stars in the world.

Over a couple months span Duff would show up to every council hearing to expose what he was finding through OPRA requests and questioning the Council, Mayor and Solicitor on several unethical and illegal activities in the planning of the Carli Lloyd event and what has become to be known as the Dunphy scandal.

The Dunphy scandal involved a landscaping company and the Township’s completely illegal and unethical ways they treated a private citizen and his family, who the town had to pay $300,000 in an out of court settlement that was paid via the budget and not filing on time with the insurance company, which caused the tax payers to foot the bill becsuse of the Delran Mayor and Solicitor’s negligence.

After months of questioning the Township Council and Mayor, the Mayor released a video explaining that he was having the Solicitor draft a memo to answer the questions about the planning of the Carli Lloyd event and also to create a timeline on the insurance filing for the Dunphy scandal. But instead of drafting a memo, the Solicitor, Sal Siciliano, resigned.

Below are two clips of Mayor Gary Catrambone speaking. The first is the promise that he made in February. The second is his answer to a question posed by Barb Littleton, a local Delran Resident and watchdog. With months to think, this is how the Mayor responded.


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