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NJ Congressional Candidates Have Very Different Views On Marijuana Legalization.

A debate was held on May 4th of this year between the punk rocking millionaire yoga instructor, Bob Healey, and the bombastic bearded anti-lockdown celebrity and ex-con, Ian Smith. One of the most important questions to many voters is the one of whether the feds should legalize marijuana, or not, with the Republicans generally blocking those efforts to do so.

So during the May 4th Republican Debate, Matt Rooney of Save Jersey, asked just that question. Smith was for legalization, while Bob was not. Smith said he thinks to many minority young men have been unfairly punished and he doesn’t believe anyone should ever spend one day in prison for marijuana. Healey said he doesn’t use drugs “now” and just doesn’t support it because he’s just a healthy guy.

The drastic difference in the two men’s answers will directly effect how most choose to move forward with their candidate in the CD3, with one still wanting to lock people up just because he “now” doesn’t do any drugs and his reasoning being his own health, and the other wanting to end the draconian war on marijuana and stop imprisoning people for it. While Ian Smith was serving time for a vehicular manslaughter charge in the mid 2000’s, locked up for five years with the same young black and brown men he doesn’t want to see serve a day in prison for marijuana charges, Healey was getting wasted on a daily basis while singing about killing babies and how their decomposed corpse is so wonderful to him.

What is not wonderful is the inside of a prison cell, something Smith knows all too well, and something Healey, most likeley, cannot possibly fathom. While Ian Smith was fighting against Phil Murphy to keep his business open and feed his family, Healey was engaged in his own battle that he recently lost to Moorestown Township to build servant quarters on top of his garage for an Au Pair to hekp take care of he and his wives one child. While Ian was being cited and risking his freedom in acts of civil disobedience, Healey was still getting the punk rock band together and fighting for servant quarters.

May 4th debate sponsored by NJ Globe and SaveJersey.

One response to “NJ Congressional Candidates Have Very Different Views On Marijuana Legalization.”

  1. Just gotta praise the realities that are conveyed in your perspective – something that people don’t otherwise seem to be able to comprehend and place in its truest form.

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