Red Handed Mayor Lies About Ties To Employer.

Just 5 days after Delran Township held “the biggest retirement party ever” for the hometown hero and international women’s soccer star, Carli Lloyd, Mayor Gary Catrambone made a post alerting the town of a “non resident” who was making claims of bribery and coercion regarding a donor to the party. Since the post did not name the non resident, I figured I’d ask the Mayor just who this mysterious person is, even though anyone who has been following this knows that it was me. When I asked the Mayor why he doesn’t just remove it, he said he doesn’t remove anything, yet I knew that wasn’t true.

So I asked the Mayor why he removed his page from the Center Stage Entertainment website and the answer I got absolutely blew me away. Take a listen below.

On every financial disclosure statement filed by Mayor Gary Catrambone for the last 12 years the first employer listed has been Center Stage Entertainment, so how could he make such a claim?

The image below is a screen shot of the Mayor’s page that he claims he didn’t remove. Why would Mayor Camtrabone lie about his connections to Center Stage Entertainment, the company owned by his own brother, when there is clear proof that he has worked for them for over a decade? While the Mayor’s deleted page claims he wrote the book on being a DJ, he could also write a good one on how to cover up corruption and harass citizens.

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