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Delran’s Dancing Mayor Turned Detective.

Delran Mayor Gary Catrambone was on the hot seat last night at the Township’s last full council meeting of the year. Catrambone was asked why he was out taking pictures of the Dunphy Landscaping property and his responses are just priceless.

The Mayor claims that on the very brisk day of December 9th of 2020, he was just walking down Bridgeboro Road and decided to snap some photos of 4101 Bridgeboro Road, which just happened to be the property owned by Jim Dunphy. At that time the township was defending an appeal filed by Dunphy regarding the Township’s refusal to allow him to operate. Dunphy claims that when he confronted the Mayor, who was in all black and coyly taking photos of his property, the Mayor claimed that he was there taking Photos at the request of Delran’s own Solicitor, Sal Soliciano.

The Mayor quickly made his way across the street where he was picked up by the vice president of the Delran Historical Society, PJ Buzzi. Just months earlier Mr Buzzi sent out dozens of fliers to residents in the area calling on them to stop Duphy’s “Illegal Operations” and asking them to show up at a June 2020 zoning hearing and demand the township not allow Dunphy to operate, which is exactly what they did.

The Mayor lives about 2 miles from the Dunphy property, so the thought of him just strolling down Brideboro that far away just doesn’t make sense. Buzzi though, the man who picked up the Mayor, lives about 1000 feet away from Dunphy’s property. So at last night’s meeting the Mayor was asked a simple question he had a lot of trouble answering…where’d he park? The results can be seen below as well as the photography work of Detective GaryCat.

BTW: I will be out of FB jail in the morning. Can someone pick me up across the street from Ott’s?

12-14-21 Delran Council Hearing
12-14-21 Delran Council Hearing

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