Delran Council Talks Carli Lloyd!

Mayor Gary Catrambone was a no show tonight at the same Recreation Advisory Committee meeting that is held monthly that planned the controversial celebration for the Carli Lloyd Party and the costs behind it.  From what I was told, very little was said about what everyone in town is talking about, Delran’s own real life soap opera starring their own now infamous Mayor.  A friend of mine mentioned that Mayor Gary reminded him of the Penguin, which obviously can only make me the Batman, only I drive a mustang.

Tonight’s episode will let us see just how fast and easy the council spends your money with absolute disregard for the value of a dollar.  You will also see and hear how even though citizens asked for transparency of the costs, none were ever revealed and their concerns were just brushed aside. Then, Bam, Pow, Wam, Plowie….in comes the Patman to force the Penguin into finally giving up the costs.

9-14-21 The Mayor ironically thanks my dude, Kenny Johnson, for his retirement and then announces the big retirement party for Carli. #priorities
9-28-21 Council Meeting Mayor Gary avoids answering online questions about event costs.
10-5-21 Council Hearing. This is how quick they spend your money. Two resolutions passed in less than one minute for $61,500 without a question.
10-5-21 Council Hearing. Township Administrator, Jeff Hatcher explains the process of the non fair and open contracting process.
10-5-21 Council Hearing. A keen citizen says she is more concerned with potholes than the event and questions whether the costs will be transparent.
She must be a psychic.
10-26-21 Council. No video they say it didn’t work, but here’s the audio of me questioning the Mayor and Council. This is where we learn the cost of the celebration was at least $90,456, but not without me forcing the answer out of Mayor Gary.

So, as you see, people asked about the costs but they refused to answer, they brushed off those concerns and instead Gary let us know he wasn’t going to be the DJ that night, but he seemed to leave out the fact that his business partner was the one who had already hired him. What will happen on the next episode? I don’t know, but if you see a big shredder outside please let me know. A DJ might be cutting up some records.


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