Corporations Linked to Mayor Get 900k in PPP Loans.

Mayor Gary Catrambone is listed as the original DJ at Center Stage Entertainment, where they say that “NOBODY DOES IT BETTER”, in regards to rocking a party.  Mayor Catrambone is one of the main characters on the new show called As The Town Turns, the only small town real life soap opera playing out in real time as I report on my investigations into what has now become much larger than just the costs of the Carli Lloyd celebration.  Listen, I had no intention of finding any improprieties, I just wanted to know how much fireworks cost

In my last installment we learned that Mayor Gary Catrambone was directly related to, and also works with, Frank Catrambone at Center Stage Entertainment, who just happens to also be the registered owner of Go Events.  Go Events is the company who Delran paid $5950 to hire a DJ and The Sensational Soul Cruiser for a two and a half hour event, where the band only played for an hour and only just about 100 people showed up because someone scheduled the event on the same night as the Eagles game.

Carli even said during the speech that if she knew the event was going to be on the same night as the Eagles game she wouldn’t have done it on that day.  What she also said was that she asked the Mayor for a “low key event”, yet as we know from earlier reporting, the costs are well in excess of $100,000 for a two and a half hour event, which doesn’t fit the bill of being low key.  I am guessing that is why she decided to plaster me on her fan page for almost 2 million people to see and for some odd reason was asking me to stop questioning the event and called me a non-resident, even though she is also a non-resident of Delran.

I am sure that when her publicist and agent saw the post they almost shit themselves, because after 24 hours it was removed and the next post was selling some T-shirts.  Even though her post was removed the effects were felt far and wide, with hate messages filling my posts and inboxes and my FB friends dropping by the minute.  All of the sudden I get a text saying that the Mayor of Delran had made a post about a non-resident making claims of coercion and bribery related to one of the main donors to the retirement party, which I never claimed.  I immediately thought that this was some type of cover up, and boy was I right.

That main donor had a variance hearing that was due the week after the retirement party, but for some reason it was cancelled after I began my investigations a couple of weeks ago.  As I said before, I just wanted to report on the cost of a party, not turn into Woodward and Bernstein taking down the man, but the conflicting answers that I reported on that were provided from the town somehow lead to people questioning my integrity.  If I found no anomalies in the towns responses I wouldn’t have had anything to report on, but I did, so I brought it to the public, just as I must do in this article.

Center Stage Entertainment is registered to Frank Catrambone in Lindenwold at the same address where Go Events is registered. When the Go Events check from the township is cut, it is sent to the same mailbox that Center Stage Entertainment receives it’s mail, which also just so happens to be where Mayor Gary works and picks up the mail.  That mailbox was quite full of checks last year due to the PPP program and some very large loans that Center Stage Entertainment Group LLC and Center Stage Entertainment inc. received. 

In total the three loans received equal $836,704, loans which were for the two very similar named companies, both registered at the same address, and both to Frank Catrambone.  Gary also got 2 PPP loans for Gary Catrambone Entertainment out of Delran, totaling $21,480 in PPP loans.  We found one other corporation linked to the pair called Embark who received $27,165, giving the whopping grand total of PPP money to $885,349.  Good Lord that’s a lot of money!



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