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Mayor Reid Cursed Out Former Mayor at Council Meeting!

I know it seems that we here at Rabble Rouser Media enjoy picking on Mayor Stephen Reid of Point Pleasant Beach, and we do, we really do, but it is his fault because the guy makes it so easy for us to write about him.  This past election day Reid was defeated by a whopping 20 points by another local Republican from PPB named Paul Kanitra.  Kanitra, who is already a sitting council member, will now face the Democratic challenger in the fall and will most likely replace Reid due the the towns overwhelming amount of Republican voters.

During the May 21st council meeting, which was the last one before the elections, former mayor of PPB, Vince Barella, asked a question that sent our favorite paid prohibitionist flying off of the handle, cursing and screaming while serving in his duty as Mayor of PPB.  Barella asked him about a property Reid acquired in April of 2016 located at 510 Cramer Avenue.  When Barella mentioned the address, council person Tom Toohey perked up and said “That’s my house”.

Barella went on to ask Reid why that property is not listed on Reid’s financial disclosure forms, to which Reid replied, “that’s a good question”.

Barella went on to ask Reid where the $100,000 that Reid put down on the house came from…and that’s when the fireworks started.  Reid told Barella “you are just the rudest guy I have ever met in my life, your just a rude son of a bitch.  Aren’t you?”.  When Barella responded by asking again where the money came from, Reid called him a “rude son of a bitch” once more and told him to go sit down.

On the financial disclosure form that Reid filed on April 5th of 2019 he did not list the property he owns with his wife located at 510 Cramer Avenue.  Just 6 days after Barella questioned Reid, Mayor Reid amended his financial disclosure form to reflect the fact that he owns council person Toohey’s old house, which Toohey had purchased from his family back in 2008.

We thought we’d take a look back as far as it goes on on the NJ web page to see what his other financial forms said and what we found just doesn’t make any sense.

In 2014 Mayor Reid filed his form showing that he owned 100% of his property located at 616 New Jersey Ave, but the next year something changed.

Reid’s 2015 financial disclosure form shows something slightly different, in this year his wife owns half of the same property he was listed as owning by himself in just the prior year, and yet again, on the following year, it all changes again.


On Reid’s 2016 form it shows that he and his wife still own the property on New Jersey Avenue, yet another property pops up….Tom Toohey’s old house.


The 2017 financial form shows another couple of oddities.  First, it seems Reid gave his wife the boot from the mortgage, because he now owns 100% of the property and the wife is left off.  Second, the property he was questioned about is now taken off of his form and left out completely.


In 2018 Reid once again changed the status of his homes ownership, this time listing his wife as 100% owner of the property, sticking with his plan to change his FDS year after year.


Then comes Reid’s 2019 forms, which on the second form you can see he amended to show that he and his wife both somehow now own the same property that Vince Barella questioned Reid about just 7 days before.  The same property that was once councilperson Tom Toohey’s house, and the same one that Barella claimed Reid put the mysterious $100,000 down on.  Where did that $100,000 come from, Mr. Reid?reidfds1reidfds2



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