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Chaos on South Street Created by Cops!

This past 4th of July was quite a wild one here in the city of Brotherly Love. While most of America watched fireworks and waved sparklers to celebrate our independence from the King, some youths in Philadelphia had a little Tea Party of their own. The local news has been reporting that a flash mob took place and that kids just started tearing up South Street for no reason, but yesterday I did some digging and found something that completely changes the narrative on how this all started.

From the video evidence shown below, which was found on YouTube, you can see an incident taking place on South Street where police arrest a young black kid who looks to be 13-15 years old. Officers can be seen screaming and cursing at every person in the street and driving their motorcycles into people. One police Officer is yelling at a young black youth who is just standing on the street not bothering anyone.


“Get off the block”, exclaimed the officer. The youth replied that he was just waiting for his brother. The cop didn’t like this answer, so he told him he was going to lock him up and drove his motorcycle into the kids leg. When the kid didn’t move several officer pulled up and began screaming and cursing, telling everybody to move up South Street away from Penn’s Landing, the exact direction of the “flash mob”.

For some reason the police were shutting down South Street and doing so like a group of thugs, cursing and threatening people, which in the first video seems to be a group of young black kids. I wonder though, would the police shut down Rittenhouse Square the same way? We know the answer to that one.

In a second video we found that was posted by the same person as the first, the police can be seen in a line in the middle of the street pushing people up the street.


A white man on a bike is being grabbed by officers in the street and pushed as the line of cops is violently forcing the crowd to move up the street. A very large black officer then proceeds to grab the man’s bike and throw it in the street, causing the crowd to gasp. When the man walks to pick his bike the cops continue up the street and begin pushing him while people can be heard getting upset about the way the police were acting, which was nothing more than a group of bullies. Just minutes later is when the “flash mob” erupted.

Why were Philly PD clearing South Street in such a violent manner? Threatening, cursing, screaming, throwing bikes and intimidating everyone in the street? Was this really a “flash mob”, or was it a reaction to a group of aggressive and overbearing authorities who’s own actions caused a small revolution on the day we celebrate it from another overbearing authority?


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