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Council President Admits Mayor Acted Unethically.

As the new year kicked off and Delran’s Council Meetings were again restricted to Zoom, Patrick Duff and Mark Oberg had some questions about a new resolution that Council passed regarding rules of decorum. The rules seem simple, but one particular section that states that comments must be made to the “body as a whole”, worried the two citizens who made the Township Committee aware of their thoughts. At one point, Council President Burrell admited that if the Town knew the relationship that the Mayor had to Go Events, the company the town hired for $5950 for a DJ and a Band that is owned by the Mayor’s own nephew, that the council would not have allowed the transaction to happen.

In a shocking turn of events, just a couple hours after the two meetings below concluded, Delran’s Mayor Gary Catrambone put out a statement calling on the state to investigate himself and the actions of the Township regarding the Carli Lloyd event. The statement reads as if the Mayor has been the victim of a smear campaig against the whole town and everyone in it. The Mayor is claiming that false narratives and unfounded accusations have been levied on Social Media, yet none of the difficult questions that have been asked in regards to the planning of the Carli Lloyd event have ever been properly explained.

Why did the Solicitor tell Colin Rafferty that the quotes must be separated? Why did the Town spend $61,500 on a stage and video equipment? Why did the Mayor hire his Nephew’s company? Why weren’t bids sought for contracts that obviously were above the bidding threshold? While it is important that these questions are answered and it’s very noble of the Mayor to call for the NJ Comptroller to investigate his and the Townships actions regarding the Carli Party, the real call needs to go to the Attorney General to investigate what the Mayor and certain Township officials did to Dunphy’s Landscaping.

Several weeks ago the Council President Tyler Burrell and the Delran’s Solicitor both made public proclamations that if there were any allegations of crimes made to the Council, that they would call the Attorney General themselves and demand for an investigation. Yet as you will hear from the questions asked of the Council below, that has still yet to happen. 23 allegations were made against the Mayor and the Towns Zoning Board, including RICO violations, Abuse of Power, Trespassing, interference with an economic advantage and over a dozen more.

These are serious allegations of criminal activity that make the bid splitting and conflicts of interest from the Carli Party look like tiddly-winks. The citizens of the Township deserve for the Council President and the Solicitor to follow through on their promise to report the criminal allegations to the proper authorities, if they refuse to do so, that just makes them look like an accessory.

Public Comment starts at 25 minutes

Public Comment Starts at 25 minutes


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