Delran’s New Decorum Rule Threatens Free Speech. The Duff Rule.

Mayor Gary Cat as a Senior.

At Delran Township’s very first meeting of the year the Council has placed an ordinance on the agenda that will limit the public’s ability to question Township officials. The new ordinance on decorum will make asking questions of individual officials against the rules and allow for the person asking the questions to be removed by the police. If you have been watching the festivities over the last couple of months you’d know that the Mayor, Council President and Solicitor, have all been on the hot seat. With all three being caught in blatent lies. Now, the crew of political pals who ran on a platform of being the most transparent Council in Delran’s History, seeks to forever silence dissent. Tune into the meeting tonight at 6:30 to hear what might be the last opportunity for citizens to question the most transparent council in Delran’s history.

Wording of Resolution:

“3. All remarks shall be addressed to the body as a whole.”

ZOOM LINK to tonight’s meeting.


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