Delran Brings on new Deputy Clerk as Financial Records Controversy Heats Up.

(This article has been edited to reflect the fact that Jamey Eggers is not resigning or leaving as Clerk of Delran.)

Tomorrow night at 7 pm the Delran Town Council will be having their first public meeting since a controversy that has embroiled the town regarding the financial records for the Carli Lloyd retirement celebration that was held on October 14th.  The controversy stems from several OPRA requests made by myself seeking the costs associated with the event, which one would think should have been easy to do, yet it has not been for Delran’s Clerk, Jamey Eggers.  Eggers has provided several conflicting answers regarding the costs and donations of the event, answers that once provided to the public, have only left more questions.  Eggers claimed that none of the more than $35,000 in donations that were made by the donors offset the costs that she had previously supplied on a spreadsheet, a claim that once published sent the town of Delran into what has become an extremely heated controversy, with Eggers right in the middle of it.

When the online controversy heated up due to the conflicting responses by Eggers, Delran’s Mayor Gary Catrambone decided make a public announcement regarding the controversy.  Instead of explaining the questions regarding the conflicting responses made by Eggers, Catrambone’s statement shifted the focus to a variance for a Sports Complex being sought by one of the donors who we still don’t know where their money went that was meant for event.  In his statement, the Mayor asserted that a nonresident (me), made claims of coercion and bribery regarding the variance being sought by the donors, which I never asserted and is completely untrue.  A hearing for that variance was canceled last week and has been put on hold until further notice.

That notice will likely be approved by Delran’s own covert Communication Director and Administrator of the Delran Residents 2.0 FB group, Wendy Mitchell.  Mitchell, who is also not a Delran resident,  has been the Admin of the popular Delran Residents 2.0 FB group since 2017.  In March of this year Delran hired the Delran Residents 2.0 page moderator as the towns Communication’s Manager for $36,000 per year, a position that creates a direct conflict of interest and one that cannot be located on any of the townships online directories.  It is reported that Mitchell rules the 2.0 page with an iron fist, blocking and banning any Delran Dissenter such as me.  Mitchell was even caught colluding to silence me with another popular Delran page moderator, Mike Garrigues, in a plan to stop dissent against Delran.

Dissent is not just controlled and censored on the Delran Residents 2.0 page, where Mitchell had the right to do so, but it’s being done on the Township and the Mayor’s public pages as well, which is not legal to do so.  If the township would censor all comments, that’s one thing, but they cherry pick the positive ones and block any negative ones, which according to the NJ ACLU, is not legal.  Now that it is known that Mitchell is both a paid employee of Delran and her job is the Communications Director, the legal question will soon be asked of a Judge of whether or not the 2.0 page must considered a public page and be open to the public since Mitchell is obviously communicating on behalf of the township from the 2.0 FB page.

As Delran gets ready for its first public council meeting since the controversy broke, Eggers is most likely breathing a slight sigh of relief as Delran prepares to bring on Melissa Larkin as Eggers to assist her as Deputy Clerk.  Hopefully Delran citizens will get the answers they deserve from the Mayor and the towns new Director of Communications tomorrow night regarding the controversy surrounding the donations for Carli’s retirement, otherwise the Mayor might have his own retirement party as he exits stage left.


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