Reapropriated Valor. How Low Can Lying Lynn Go?

Yesterday while filming a new documentary I am producing I got a text message from one of my old friends, Linda Gilbert, who was reaching out on behalf of her husband, Bob, and just asked that I give him a call. He told me that he was invited to lunch by Delran Councilperson Lynn Jeney, who wanted to talk to Bob about a recent post that I made about Lying Lynn telling tall tales about him receiving an award from Gov Murphy for Delran’s commitment to veterans.

I wrote in a Facebook post about Lynn Jeney going around showing pictures of him with Gov Murphy, and claiming it was for the work he was doing in Delran Township on behalf of veterans, when it was actually Bob Gilbert who should have been the one receiving the award. Along with the Gov Murphy photos, Lynn was showing photos of a funeral he attended for a US Vet who was being given a proper military burial by Mission of Honor, which is a group dedicated to finding forgotten about veterans remains and giving them a formal military funeral.

Bob Gilbert has been to countless funerals for Mission of Honor, and from what Linda Gilbert said, Lynn has only been to two. So when I heard about him seemingly taking credit for Bob’s work, I informed the public, but Lying Lynn wasn’t going down without a fight with the Patrick Duff posse, so he invited Bob Gilbert to lunch to have a showdown while sipping luke warm coffee.

Bob told me that Lynn claimed that I was the one Lying, and that he was not taking credit for the Mission of Honor program, but instead for a different veterans program called “We Honor Our Veterans”. Bob let Lynn know that Bob told the Council about the program at a former council hearing, yet Lynn claimed that he did not hear from Bob, and that he instead heard it from Delran’s former Administrator, Jeff Hatcher.

I guess Lynn used his magic power lying on Bob, because when I finally called Bob back, he said that I might have gotten my story wrong about what Lynn was doing in my post. When I assured Bob that my source was as tight as a frog’s ass, he let me know that he knew that he told the council about the We Honor Our Veterans program that Lynn said Jeff Hatcher told him about, but he couldn’t prove it.

Luckily, Delran has formed the most transparent council in history, and had put all of their council videos on YouTube, so it should be easy to find, right? Wrong, the dates in the minutes that show Bob talked about it, do not exactly show what he said, which was on July 6th of 2021, yet it has has just been magically removed from video page of Delran’s YouTube page, so how could we know what Bob actually said?

That’s what I do, I told Bob,I find shit…

Now before you watch the video below, remember, Lynn took Bob to lunch to claim that the award recieved is from a program that he learned about from Jeff Hatcher, but as you can see in the video, Jeff Hatcher meticulously taking notes on what Bob said, he is the second from the far right, and Lying Lynn is taking some notes on the second from the far left.

July 6th 2021 Delran Council Meeting.


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