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81 Year Old Carolyn Carns Truthfulness Mocked By Medford’s Prosecutor For Going To Church.

Today was the big day in court for the commercial truck kingpin, 81 year old Carolyn Carns, who was in court facing two local ordinance violations for parking more than one commercial vehicle on her property. When I say that she is a commercial truck kingpin, I am being facetious, because anyone who knows about this story, knows that the 81 year old Matriarch of the Carns Family, has nothing to do with the commercial trucks that have been at the center of the Mayhem in Medford.

The trucks are owned and operated by her two twin sons, Brian and David, and the 81 year old, who is bound to a wheelchair and motorized scooters, has nothing to do with the vehicles that had been parked on the property for decades.

I could not believe my ears today when I heard Medford’s Prosecutor claim that the Township could fine Ms Carns upwards of $115,000 per each of the two violations, but instead he was giving her some sort of break by only seeking $5,000 per each violation, totaling $10,000 in fines. He claimed that Medford had proof that the trucks were parked there for 115 days, with his main witness being the Carns old neighbor, Susan McBride.

In a true twist of irony, Susan McBride, who is the Medford Prosecutors main witness to the trucks being parked on the farm, has a $1,000 warrant out for her arrest from Medford’s Municipal court for property theft from the Carns farm. There is no way that Medford’s prosecutor could not have known that McBride has the warrant out for her arrest, but he invited her to municipal court anyway to try and railroad an 81 year old woman who has never committed one crime in her life, while McBride has a rap sheet as long as her arm.

During the Carns attorney’s opening statement, he let the judge know that Ms Carns has never been in any trouble with the law, and added that she attends church three times per week. When the prosecutor had a chance to respond, he mocked the 81 year old’s faith by condescendingly saying “We have somebody telling the court they are in compliance and we are taking their word for it. I don’t think Ms. Carns would appear before the court on the day of the plea, raise her right hand as a church-going woman, like Mr. Rosenberg said she is, and then lie to the court. So, if she is going to tell the judge that, ‘We are in compliance now,’ I am going to take her word for it.”.

The Judge in the case said that he will rule on the sentencing in three weeks, which is when we will learn the ultimate punishment for Ms Carns, AKA The Commercial Truck Kingpin.


3 responses to “81 Year Old Carolyn Carns Truthfulness Mocked By Medford’s Prosecutor For Going To Church.”

  1. This is outrageous. Those trucks were not causing any problems being parked on a private grounds. I see many private homes who own a business and commercial vehicle parked at their home. What’s the big deal!!


  2. Did McBride get arrested? Any other person would be! How can these crooks get away with doing injustice to regular hard working people!


  3. I’ve suggested several times previously, but truly hope someone has or will report Medford council to the NJ Attorney General, Office of Public Integrity & Accountability. They MUST investigate any claims of public corruption. This township needs a solid legal audit.


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