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NJ AG Takes Control Of Gloucester County Prosecutors Office.

It was standing room only last Wednesday night in Woodbury as the Gloucester County Committee met for what turned out to be a very heated meeting. About a dozen or more people wore pink shirts with the hashtag #JusticeForEmber, which was paying homage to a K9 officer and and another dog who died while in the care of their handler, 31 year old Shawn Layton, who is Gloucester Counties Fire Marshall and a Mantua Township Committee member.

The dogs died almost a month ago in the back of Layton’s SUV, but instead of contacting the police or attorney generals office to make a report, Layton was joined by others who helped him dig a grave behind his home, where they buried the two dogs and covered them up with soil and a layer of mulch, flowers on top, and a chrome and red fire hydrant to mark the site of the fallen officer.

The first speaker of the night was a representative of the #JusticeForEmber coalition, who asked for the resignation of several members of the committee, and for Layton to be suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

The second speaker of the night was Detective Tom Gilbert, who made a shocking revelation that just seemed to slip by everyone, except for some astute Rabble Rouser’s who let us know.

Gilbert said “My name is Tom Gilbert, I am the Chief of Detectives for the prosecutors office. Just as a reference point, for everybody to realize it, my actual title will be now, because our office has been superseded but the Attorney General’s Office, not because of this matter, but in a global sense, sometime back. My acting full title is acting special state investigator here in Gloucester County.”

How long the state has been in control of the Gloucester County Prosecutors office is not yet clear, but we do know that during the midst of the beginning of the pandemic, when the only news was about the virus, Gloucester County Prosecutor Charles (Chuck) Fiore abruptly resigned just days before Detective Breia Renner filed a lawsuit alleging retaliation, and sexual harassment, by Fiore and others. The suit alleges that Fiore made several offensive comments to Renner and her wife, allegedly asking things like “Who is the man in the relationship” and “how do you guys have sex?”. The suit also alleged that Fiore’s wife grabbed Renner’s wife and “turned her around and humped her in front of other people”, which was done during a golf outing.

Hoffman replaced Fiore on March 5th of 2020 at noon, which could have been the day that the office was “globally superseded by the Attorney General’s Office”, or possibly it was sometime soon after.

Any way you look at it, the fact that the NJ Attorney General has taken over the Gloucester County Prosecutors office is big news, and we here at Rabble Rouser Media are just glad that we can bring you this delicious scoop of corruption before the other outlets did.

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