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Cherry Hill Threatened With OPRA Lawsuit Over Redacted Gary Busey Videos.

Last week Cherry Hill Police released a heavily redacted series of body and dash cam footage of the arrest of Gary Busey in Cherry, NJ, on allegations that he groped two women during a photo shoot where it is alleged that he grabbed a handful of their hineys. One other woman alleged Busey put his head near her breast and tried to unlatch her bra.

It is also alleged in the police report that Busey tried to convince the officers to get the women to not press charges, but none of what happened between Busey and the police can be seen or heard. Cherry Hill police are claiming that they need to redact the videos due to a continuing investigation , and to protect the identity of the witnesses, but we believe that they are just affording special privileges to the 78 year old celebrity.

We believe that Cherry Hill is being threatened by his high powered Hollywood Lawyers to not release the videos, and Cherry Hill is bowing to the pressure to assist in a cover up of Busey’s alleged crimes against three women, and also his attempt to tamper with witnesses.

So we have made the Cherry Hill Clerk aware that the Township has until Tuesday to release the videos without the blurring and muting. If Busey said or did something that he doesn’t want seen, why is Cherry Hill helping him hide it? Or is the video so redacted because the officers tried to help Busey get the women to not press charges? Were the officers star struck and assisted Busey in his attempt to cover up his actions? Was there an offer of a pay off?

We will never know until the unredacted versions of the videos are made available, which the Township has until Tuesday to produce before suit is filed.

Just a side note: Rabble Rouser Media ia 11 and 0 in OPRA suits!

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