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Moorestown Resident’s Concerned Over Clustering Of Group Homes.

Dozens of concerned residents gathered at an undisclosed home in the Collins Park section of Moorestown, NJ, to discuss a new proposed group home that is slated for their neighborhood. The home they are concerned about is located at 137 Ramblewood Road, which has been a single family dwelling since it was built, but is now set to be converted Into a group home that houses adults with disabilities.

Neighbors are concerned that their residential neighborhoods are being turned into commercial zones, and that these commercial group homes will effect not only their property values, but their peace and quiet. What were once residential properties, will soon be occupied by occupational workers and commercial vans to transport residents, with more homes planned in the near future in the same section of Collins park.

When Moorestown was sued by the Fair Share Housing Coalition, it had to either build 6000 new low income homes, fight the battle in court, or negotiate a settlement to appease the Coalition. The Township desired to negotiate with the Coalition, and ultimately came up with a plan that would limit the number of low income houses to 337, and allow them to count each room in adult group homes as one low income residence.

The Moorestown Housing Element Draft is pretty clear, they created a plan to limit new construction, and at the same time, limit the amount of low income families that would put a burden on the schools, police, and sewer systems. The plan shows that the majority of the planned new low income housing is cluttered in just the west side of town, which is where Colins Park is located, with none proposed for the entire east side, where the value of the homes far exceed those located on the west side.

In just one hour from now the Moorestown Council will be meeting, with several residents planning to voice their concern over the issues, as well at the Rabble Rouser himself. Check back for an update later tonight.


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