Delran To Fill Parejo’s Resigned Council Seat This Tuesday.

Three nominees will be named at this Tuesday’s Delran Council meeting, where discussions will be held by the Council and Mayor to discuss who will replace the recently resigned council woman, Virginia Parejo. After discussions are held, one person will be chosen to fill Parejo’s vacated seat until December 31st of this year.

The three candidates are chosen by the Delran Democratic Committee, a committee that Mayor Catrambone has been the Chairman of for over 20 years. Also on the Committee are the Mayor’s Wife, Council President Tyler Burrell, RAC Chair Colin Rafferty, Assemblyman Herb Conway, and Virginia Parejo herself.

Parejo gave a tearful resignation last month due to what she called a “personal family matter”, with the council set to formally accept her resignation at this Tuesday’s Council hearing with an official vote.

Parejo was on the Democratic Ticket vying for the now vacant Ward 1 seat against the only Republican candidate on the ticket, Bob Gilbert. Gilbert is a Veteran who is an active member of the community in veterans affairs and other activities, as well as being a regular presence at Delran Council meetings. Last year Gilbert warned the Council of the imminent flooding that took place last year on Stewart Ave, yet nothing was done to heed his warnings and many people suffered because of the failure to act by the Township.

All three ward seats are up for election this fall, so whoever is chosen to fill Parejo’s vacated seat will most likely also be the new candidate for Ward 1 this November. The all Democratic council has had many issues with holding each other accountable in anyway, so the thought of having at least one opposing voice on the council, such as Gibert would be, is something that the people of Ward 1, and Delran, must really consider no matter what their political party.


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