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Delran’s Part Time Hustle Turns Into A Full Time Trash Nightmare.

As trash piles up in the streets of Delran, cash piles up at the company who was the only bidder for the solid waste proposal last year, Republic Services, who in 2021 did over 11.3 million dollars in sales. Delran residents were not happy to learn last year that the costs of the trash contract increased by a whopping 45% over the previous contract, something the former Township Manager, Jeff Hatcher, said was something that he had never seen before.

Complaints are now coming in from all over the town, with some residents claiming that their trash hasn’t been picked up in 2 weeks, and others for days. The hot weather has only made things worse, causing the stench to permeate throughout the town, which in turn has brought rats out from the sewers to investigate the rotting garbage, with thousands of flies swarming the brown cans and just as many maggots lining the insides.

The Township has fined Republic nearly $60,000 thus far in 2022 for late pick ups, but even with the fines Republic has still made over $300,000 more for the first year of this contract than they did in each of the three prior years.

When municipalities have issues with vendors not performing on their contracts, the municipal manager is generally the person that holds them accountable, which is what makes the municipal manager’s job is so important. When Delran’s former town manager, Jeff Hatcher, retired at the end of 2021, Government Strategies was hired to find a full time replacement. Delran paid nearly $30,000 for Government Strategies to perform their search for a full time township manager, yet Delran’s Mayor and Council made the cost cutting decision to only hire a part time manager, a decision that is now coming back to haunt them as the trash piles up in the streets.


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