Camden’s Political Machine Challenged By Progressives.

With just one day remaining until the NJ primary elections, the machine Dems are getting desperate to try and keep their strangle hold on South Jersey. Challengers to the Norcross machine have popped up all over the area, and for the first time in decades, the Octopus on the waterfront might lose some of his well placed puppets. When Steve Sweeney lost to Ed Durr, one of the strongest and most powerful of the King’s men, was slain by a Trucker who spent just $153 to do so.

People are sick of the old same old shit, they are tired of asking their lawmakers a question, only to have to wait for them to ask the boss man how they should think. The charade is up, with 3 progressive women sitting on the Camden City council who have all cut the strings to the waterfront, and with the ghost candidates being knocked off of the ballot in Camden County, the opportunity to uncrown the unelected King has never been so ripe. With Sweeney not in control of the state senate, and Camden not totally under the thumb of the machine, the strongest player left on their team is the King’s own brother, Donald Norcross.

Let’s admit it, if Donald Norcross wins the primary, he wins the election, because the Republicans have a snow balls chance in hell of beating a Dem in the general in the heavily left leaning district. That’s where the young progressive, Mario DeSantis, comes in, and no, he’s not related to Florida’s Governor.

DeSantis, who is 34, grew up as the first openly gay person at Buena High school, something that he said was “a nightmare”. Even though it was difficult, he said he knows that it was the right thing to do, which is something I think helps prepare him for the harsh world of politics he will surely face in DC.

Mario DeSantis has a platform that includes getting money out of politics and setting up a single payer health care system, something he feels very personal about due to one of his close friends battle with Lyme Disease that was compounded due to lack of proper insurance.

“Our healthcare system is riddled with immoral tragedies: Patients are forced to sell off their assets to afford care, ration their medication, or avoid care all together.” said DeSantis, who went on to say “It’s an issue that undermines every sector of our economy.”.

Mario is running against Donald Norcross in the 1st congressional district of NJ, where Norcross has been the Congressman since 2014, and the city of Camden has regressed the entire time. While the Waterfront is filled with tax payer funded buildings afforded by the tax break bill sponsored by Donald himself, the rest of the city is deteriorating, with the citizens left without even one grocery store for the more than 70,000 people. Methadone clinics outweighed the need for proper nourishment, leaving the people, especially the children, without the proper resources to live.

As an unaffiliated voter myself, I had always thought that I couldn’t vote in the primary elections, and that I had no power to help choose who would ultimately be my Congressperson, but that’s simply not true. This is a call to all the unaffiliated voters in the 1st congressional district, become a Dem for a day and help the machine go away, it’s that simple.

You just need to show up at your local polling place and change your affiliation for the day, which you can change back easily after the Primary is over. What you have to realize is that the way the machine works, is that they have a core group of very dedicated voters that they always make sure to get to the polls, because most of them, are sucking off of the Governments tit with patronage jobs they don’t ever want to lose. They encourage all of their family and friends to go out and vote so they can keep the County Cabal intact, it’s very robotic, hence, why it is called “The Machine”.

I have personal experience with the Machine from the dealings I have had regarding the MLK House in Camden, where the only thing bigger than the promises made to save the home, was the amount of money stolen from the project that was meant to give the people of Camden a place of inspiration. Congressman John Lewis himself came to the home, where he said very proudly, that “This historic piece of real estate…must be saved for the future generations yet unborn”, something that sadly, with the machine in control, will never happen.


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