The Mayhem In Medford. Part 2.7: The Mayor’s Crazy Neighbor.

At the May 24th Medford Town Council hearing, we got the hear Medford’s Mayor, Chuck Watson, apologize again for stiffing David Carns on his wood, hence why our first installment in this ongoing series was called, Stiffed Wood. Several weeks ago, I heard a comment that claimed the Mayor had the council form a subcommittee so he could keep a deer fence on his property, a claim the Mayor denied at that same May 24th meeting.

During the same meeting that the Mayor claimed that he had nothing to do with the subcommittee on deer fences, and that it was another neighbors request that compelled the very costly study, a study that most of the people who gave public comments, did not want anyway.

On May, 20th the Medford PD alerted the Pitman PD that Beth Portocalis, Medford’s zoning officer, was being harassed online and asked for extra patrols to be placed around her house. Four days later a letter was sent to the Carns, informing them the Portocalis would no longer be handling the enforcement issues regarding the Carns family.

Many residents questioned the costs of the deer fence ordinance and how it would effect the beauty of the wooded areas back in 2015, with several asking for the ordinance be tabled, but it was not.

I found a very strange public comment the took place during the subcommittee process, which was an attorney who representing homeowner in support of the deer fence ordinance. The attorney was allowed to put on a twenty plus minute presentation, complete with calling several witness and even poster boards, it was like she was conducting a grand jury hearing, all for a deer fence ordinance.

Now I want you to listen to the three short clips below, and see if what the Mayor explains as his issues with his deer fence in the first clip, which was on May 24th, sounds like what the Council President, Frank Czekay, says in 2015 as the reasoning behind the subcommittee the Mayor claimed he had nothing to do with. The Mayor and the Council President, both claim that people have a right to protect their own properties, yet we know that just weeks prior to the May 24th meeting, they were giving carte blanche to the Carns own crazy neighbor to trespass on their property.


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