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Rowdy Republican Debate Expected For CD3!

Tomorrow night at 8 o’clock the Republican debate will take place between Bob Healey and Ian Smith, who are both running in NJ’s CD3, with the winner most likely going on to face incumbent (D)Congressperson, Andy Kim. Neither Healey nor Smith can be considered what one would think of as a conventional candidate for the GOP. With Healey being the former lead singer in a salacious punk band called the Ghouls and multi millionaire heir to the Viking Yacht fortune, and Smith being the Anti-Lockdown far right hero who refused to close his gym when NJ Gov Phil Murphy told all gyms to close due to covid restrictions who also happens to be an ex con who did 5 years for vehicular manslaughter, this is set to be more like a WWE steel cage match than a GOP Congressional debate..

This years race will be a big test for the Republican Party due to the heavily gerrymandered redistricting of the CD3 that benefitted the Democrats immensely, a redistricting that looks like some foul play may have taken place by a Princeton Professor who assisted in the process.

The debate will be moderated by the editor of the New Jersey Globe, David Wildstein, and founder of Save Jersey and talk radio host on 1210 am, Matt Rooney, who will both surely have their hands full keeping this one civil.

Healey put out a statement calling Smith “unfit for office” when Smith announced him campaign in February, a statement that included an allegation that caused Smith’s campaign a cease and desist letter. The statement claimed that Smith was in possession of “hypodermic needles” when Smith was arrested for DUI and Vehicular Manslaughter in 2005, a claim that the legal council for Smith said was completely untrue and even provided an image of the list of items found when Smith was arrested, which doesn’t show any needles were recovered.

Smith was recently arrested again for a DUI in Cinnaminson and is scheduled to be in court on May 12th, an arrest that Smith and his campaign has alleged was a set up, and allegation that only Rabble Rouser Media explored.

We found several oddities that are discussed in the article, but the one that the Healey Campaign cannot explain is how did Bob Healey’s campaign manager, Theresa Velardi, know that Ian Smith was at a birthday party at Central Taco when she made her tweet about Ian’s arrest just two days after it took place? That information was not public knowledge at that time and would have only been known to the Cinnaminson Police, Ian and the people at his party, or someone at Central Taco that evening, possibly a PI hired to tail Smith. Otherwise, how did Velardi know?

Velardi has gone silent on Twitter since we asked her that question, but maybe Smith can ask Healey tomorrow night when they meet at 8 pm in what is bound to be one of the most unconventional and heated GOP debates ever.

Ways to watch listed on flier above.


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