Bob Healey. Part 1: The 11 Inch Turd.


The fact that Bob Healey Jr. employs over 1,000 people at the largest yacht manufacturer in the world, Viking Yachts, makes him seem like a great choice as a candidate for the Republican Party to run against incumbent Congressperson, Andy Kim, for the NJ CD3 seat in Congress.  The fact that Bob Healey was once the lead singer of a punk rock band called the Ghouls, a band known for extremely violent and dark lyrics, also makes him seem like a great choice to run against Andy Kim in the CD3 race, but only if you are a Democrat.

Bob Healey Jr. formed the Ghouls as a sophomore in High School as a way to enter his schools battle of the bands, but that turned into nearly a decade of touring the country and putting on punk rock shows at their own make shift venue in Philadelphia.  Healey went by Robert (Bob) Price, most likely a request from his extremely successful and wealthy Father, Bob Healey Sr..  Healey Sr. was an attorney who decided to make a go at building boats, so he and his brother formed Viking Yachts in the 1960’s, a company that Healey Jr. Inherited when Healy Sr. passed away in Decenber of 2021. 

While Dad was building and securing the Healey Empire, Bob was writing and performing songs such as “What A Wonderful World“, but it’s a completely new take on the classic hit by Louis Armstrong.  Bob’s vision of a wonderful world was quite different from the one shared by Louis Armstrong though, where instead of seeing babies cry and grow, Bob see’s them die and decompose.

“I see towers of flame, and corpses too
I see the doom, of me and you
And I think to myself…. what a wonderful world

I see skies obscured, I see no light
Dark freezing days, dark sleepless nights
And I think to myself …..what a wonderful world

The clouds of radiation are so pretty in the sky
Tumours on the faces of the people who survived
I see friends in the past kill each other for food
They’re really starving……So will you

I see babies die, I watch them decompose
They’ll hurt much more, than I’ll never know
And I think to myself …..what a wonderful world”

A full list of the Lyrics for the band can be found on

Healey claims to own up to his punk rocking past in a November article from the New Jersey Globe, where he stated:

“I was a lead singer, and I wrote those songs and I understand if people might find it offensive,” Healey told the New Jersey Globe.  “I was an angry guy back then.  I started the band when I was sixteen.”

The article goes on to say that Healey ended his career with the band almost 15 years ago, and makes an interesting comment about how Healey’s past will be a good test of opposition research. Healey claims that he left the band in 2008 and began working with the family businesses, focussing mostly on the non-profit foundations, yet that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Bob wtote on his yoga website that he “walked around angry and bitter for years after he left the band in 2008”, but while working out in the gym in 2013, things seemed to change when Bob found Yoga. 

Bob’s yoga site claimed he would spend the next several years studying the practice of yoga, even traveling to India to take a 300 hour course. In Total, his site claimed that Bob earned 850 hours in the study of Yoga, giving him the credentials to start his own Yoga company in 2020, Bob Healey Yoga.  Oddly, the Yoga website was launched the same day as Healey announced his campaign, which was on November 9th, 2021. 

When Bob decided to leave the band in 2008, the other members were not done rocking, so they formed a new band called Hate And War and performed for the next decade under that name.  While Bob was learning about love and peace through yoga, his former bandmates were still spreading the sordid songs about hate and war, which is a stark contrast by any comparison. 

The NJ Globe article claimed that Healey’s music career ended almost fifteen years ago when he decided to use his degree in finance to help run his family business, with Healey quoted as saying “It’s not who I am now.  I’ve got a five-month-old daughter.  I’ve spent the last fifteen years learning that it’s not about me”, but that is simply not true.

In 2017 former members of the Ghouls began to have discussions about getting the band back together, but without Bob, the band just wasn’t the same.  Just two years later, in 2019, the band got the call that they had been waiting for, it was Healey seeking to get the band back together.  After 6 years of peace, love and yoga, Bob was ready to get angry again and The Ghouls were brought back from the grave.  On October 26th, 2019, Healey and The Ghouls took the stage in front of a sold out crowd at Connie Ric Racs to perform at the Halloween Show.

The Ghouls in 2019. 

Below are some salacious excerpts from an interview of the Ghouls from the Twisted Hillbilly Magazine.  The full interview can be found here.

What inspired “Strife” ?
A: Kick’n some ass! One time in Vegas, Johnny pulled his 11 inch turd out of the toilet, in our suite, at the Ceasars palace and paraded it around the room for everybody. I think Bob wrote strife about dawn of the dead.

Q: Do you guys like groupies, or find them a pain?
A: For the most part we have girlfriends but we always like when girls show us their boobies and get nakid in front of us. We once were at a party and Zach got on the table butt nakid and started opening and shutting his ass cheeks at a rapid pace. The objective was to catch whatever johnny was throwing in there. A drink or two later we had three blonds doing it with their pussies!!!!

Q: How did the band come together?
A: It’s all Bobs fault.

One thing is for sure, with Bob Healey facing off against Ian Smith, the infamous owner of Atilis Gym, the GOP primary will be more like a WWE match than an election. I can hear Michael Buffer right now screaming, “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble”, as Smith and Healey square off in what is bound to be more like a mosh pit, than an election.


5 responses to “Bob Healey. Part 1: The 11 Inch Turd.”

  1. if my band wasnt cool enough to play with the ghouls back in the day then bob’s definitely too cool to vote for now


  2. Scraping the bottom of the barrel…is this a new red wave revival and reform strategy? Very very sad at who is being chosen to represent the people!!!! Money IS KING obviously but stupidity reigns.


  3. I have actually met Bob. His wife’s elderly mother is my next door neighbor. Seems like a decent enough guy. I can’t vote for him, I don’t live in District 3, so I can duck that question.

    All I can tell you, they do a good job of taking of a very elderly and frail woman, that has to say something. They are down here a couple days a week making sure she is doing well


  4. Media coverage through the years has given us great insight into personal lives of candidates in hopes of exposing appropriateness for representing the general public. However questionable in their endeavors as the perfect candidate, Americans vote and support these people in hopes they will identify with their issues and promote agendas to that end. The bottom line is the voters need candidates who are well educated on the issues. I have grave concerns about someone who had many years of difficulty ‘finding’ themself and portraying a past anti-establishment lifestyle feeling capable just by mere economic stature to effectively identify and represent me/my issues. There are extensive personal agendas out there and politics is an excellent forum to satisfy that. Politicians were once a persona to aspire to and elicited a certain presence and decorum. This openness is great for a vetting process but I question the lunacy behind credible choice and representation for your party. Its becoming a circus and anyone with $$$ can buy themselves a spot on the ballot. Very sad what it has disintegrated into. To example how a candidate treats a family member (however commendable) is not a barometer for eligibility since many factors enter into that equation i.e. relationship, inheritance, business partners, etc.


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