Person Charged With Providing False Information In Stilley Murder Has Been Released.

Alicia Stilley

A detention hearing was held this morning for Faith Deatore, who is the second person that was arrested in connection with the murder of Alicia Stilley on April 18th in Palmyra, NJ. Deatore, who is charged with supplying false information to police, was released today and was told that she must check in once a week with her pre-trial services officer. Deatore was given a no contact order for her co-defendant and live in boyfriend, Antonio Burke, who has been charged with murder and is currently waiting to be extradited from Texas to NJ.

According to probable cause statements, Burke claimed in a call with investigators on the day after the shooting, that Stilley was playing with his gun and that the weapon mistakenly fired when he tried to take it from her. Surveillance video shows Stilley was shot around 7pm, yet the police didn’t find her body until 10:45 pm that evening when she was found lifeless next to her vehicle, which was still running with the lights on and her door left open.

Deatore told police on the day after the shooting that she hadn’t seen Burke in a week. The statement said “She was adamant he was not at her residence last night or this morning,”, a story she stuck to even after investigators let her know that video surveillance showed her with Burke the night of the murder and the next morning at the car wash. Deatore claimed that Stilley appeared in front of her home at 5 am on April 19th, which was the day after Stilley was killed, and 2 hours later, that Stilley had shot a gun at Deatore’s car.

A gun matching the description of the one that was used in the killing was found the morning after the murder on a walkway of the Tacony Palmyra Bridge by a worker.

Faith Deatore is charged with charged with giving false information to law enforcement officers and is due back in Burlington County Superior Court on July 8th.


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