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A Second Person Is Arrested In Connection To The Murder Of Alicia Stilley.

Photo from Alicia Stilley’s FB.

Rabble Rouser media has just confirmed that a second suspect will be arraigned tomorrow in Burlington County Court for providing false information to police regarding the murder of Alicia Stilley at a car wash on April 18th in Palmyra, NJ. The second suspect is 37 year old Palmyra resident, Faith Deatore, who was arrested on the same fateful night that the young mother from Delran was gunned down and left bleeding next to her car. Deatore is currently sitting in Atlantic County Jail without bail and will be transferred to Burlington County court for a detention hearing at 1pm tomorrow.

The exact details of what transpired the night Stilley was murdered are still not clear, but we have learned through several sources that Antonio Burke, who was the suspect in Stilley’s murder who was arrested in Texas yesterday, was in a relationship with both woman. Stilley’s Grandmother, Joanne Taylor, said in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, that Stilley had been seeing Burke for about six weeks prior to her being murdered.

Alicia Stilley leaves behind a two year old daughter named Ava, who for the time being will be living with her grandparents.


Alicia Stilley’s memorial luncheon will be held Wednesday April 27th from 1pm to 4 pm at the Riverton Country Club, located at 1416 Cinnaminson Ave, Cinnaminson, NJ. Flowers can be sent to that address and any photos of Alicia that you might have can be shared with her family at alexxxisryan@gmail.com.

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