Andy Kim’s Campaign Is Requiring Volunteers To Be Masked and Vaxxed.

Volunteers who support Congressman Andy Kim‘s re-election are being welcomed to come out to Veteran’s Park in Lawrence to be a part of a door knocking campaign in one of the newly gerrymandered districts that now encompasses the CD3, but not everyone is being welcomed. The invite page clearly states that “Vaccinations and masks required to join”, which is ironic since in the picture seen above that was used for the invite, it shows the Congressman standing with a large group of people while he is unmasked. One of Kim’s potential Republican opponents, Bob Healey, jumped on the opportunity to impugn Kim on Twitter.

“Andy Kim mandating that to be a volunteer on his campaign, you must be vaccinated & masked – even when you’re knocking doors OUTSIDE – is not only anti-science, anti-CDC recommendations, & anti-common sense, but it exposes him for who he really is, a virtue signaler who is beholden to the far left radicals in his party who refuse to responsibly move on from COVID & let Americans get back to normal in our schools, our workplaces, and our lives. When is enough enough? Let’s try common sense for a change.”

Kim is facing several mostly unknown challengers in his bid to win the Democratic ticket, with only 24 year old Reuven Hendler making some headlines when he filed a suit against the Mercer County Democratic Party. Hendler alleged that the Mercer County Democratic Committee excluded him from the Party line, an allegation that was tossed out by a Mercer County Judge in March. Even though an incumbent Congressperson has not lost a a primary election in NJ since 1958, Kim’s rating in the Cook Report recently fell from a “solid” to a “likely”, showing that the predicted “red wave” may truly be on the horizon.

Healey, who is the former lead singer of a hard core punk rock band called The Ghouls, has his own battle on his hands to win the Republican primary for the CD3, where he is facing Ian Smith, the infamous owner of Atillis Gym. Smith rose to national prominence on the conservative scene when he and his business partner decided that they were not going to listen to the Governors protocols and shut down their gym for what Smith commonly refers to, as “COOFID”. Smith, who in 2007 plead guilty to a vehicular manslaughter charge and spent several years in prison, recently made national headlines again when he was again arrested for another DUI charge that Smith claims, was a set up.

As the voters in the CD3 prepare to cast their ballots, one thing is for sure, the differences in the two parties has never been so obvious. While one party is openly mandating vaccines and unrecommended facial prophylactics to even volunteer, the other party seems to just want to get back to what they once knew as normal and enjoy their lives. The “red wave” is being predicted in part because Americans are being forced to choose between living their lives in constant fear, as we have been doing for the last two years, or finally taking the masks off and living their lives freely.

No matter which side of the political spectrum you find yourself on, one thing is for sure, the CD3 is set to be one of the most exciting races in the nation. I mean, how can you go wrong when the Republican ticket is being sought by both a punk rocking multi-millionaire, Bob Healey, and one of the nations most infamous anti-lockdown bearded celebrities, Ian Smith. While nobody can predict how it will all pan out, one things for sure, it will not be boring.


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