Ian Smith DWI Police Report and Video.

Below is the police report for Ian Smith, owner of Atilis Gym and NJ Congressional Candidate, who was arrested last Sunday morning in Cinnaminson NJ on DWI charges. While Smith has claimed in public statements that he passed a field sobriety test, the police report says otherwise.

Watch the video and make your own conclusion.


11 responses to “Ian Smith DWI Police Report and Video.”

  1. Yes—just what we need – a real jerk- liar-egotist thinking he can override the law and represent the peoples best interests. I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher


  2. Update: Utilizing an offering of ‘do you realize I am a congressional candidate’ examples use of influence that would play out if elected, using position to avoid compliance and circumvent of the law. Sorry but I cannot support this man based on the evidence so far. If you were not under the influence, why refuse the breathalyzer?


    • From what I heard, he was not using his run for Congress as a tool to try and get a favor, he mentioned it because he felt he was being set up. Here is a conundrum you might want to answer though. Why do current and former state Legislators get specialty plates that identify they are an elected representative? They don’t even have to say anything to let the cops know they are an elected or former elected official. Why?


  3. How would you like it if someone posted your address on a blog? You won’t even mention your address at meetings. I am not bitching and moaning I just thought you should show the man the same courtesy that you expect. Especially since you were upset when you said the mayor did something similar to you. Have a nice day and good luck in you endeavors.


    • With all the attacks against the man in the media and you come at the only journalist who is independently looking into his claims that he might have been set up. Not one other person in the media is not only exploring, but finding proof of the possible political hit job. Just me. Nobody else. Do you realize that?


      • I just asked you to be courteous. If you took that as an attack that was not my intention. I wish you luck in this. You are definitely holding true to what you have said. You look for issues on both sides.


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