Delran Council President Asks Solicitor To Resign. (VIDEO)

Photo that was shared with several media outlets the Delran legal council now claims must be redacted.

Nearly 5 months after the drama known as the Delran Debacle began, Delran’s Council President Tyler Burrell, the 25 year old newly minted lawyer, decided enough was enough and asked the Township’s Solicitor, Sal Siciliano, to resign for the good of the Delran community. If you have been paying attention over these last couple of months you’d know that Sal has been one of the biggest stars of the debacle, in fact, without his wonderful legal advice most of this would not have happened. So, in a sense, I have to thank Sal, it’s solicitors like him who make the bad case law that activists hang our hats on, such is about to happen over the Carli Lloyd video the Township claims they cannot share.

Imagine, they took hours of video of the event, video that they claim they cannot share due to privacy issues…so why take the video at all? Why spend thousands to have professional video cameras shoot the event if the footage itself cannot be shared? The answer is, that it can be but certain people do not want it released because it will show the event was a bust. The Mayor claimed thousands showed up, I say not a chance. At the very beginning of this I wrote that Carli’s retirement party ironically just might have been for the Mayor, which looks to be coming true.

On October 19th the Mayor put out a message about the nonresident who was claiming bribery and coercion were taking place regarding a variance, something that I never claimed. I originally asked for an apology, to remove the message, and to allow for free speech on the Facebook pages of the Mayor and the Township. That offer was laughed at by the Mayor, an action that I gave fair warning to. I let him know that over the years I have acquired a very particular set of skills that make me a nightmare for people like the Mayor, but he didn’t listen.

So if he is listening, which I know he is, let’s all take a listen to what Council President Burrell had to say.


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