Delran Council Questioned on Carli Party Video and More.

Below is the video of the 1-18-22 Delran Council Meeting where Barbara Littleton and Patrick Duff ask questions regarding the Carli Lloyd retirement party video that was taken of the event back on October 14th of 2021. Even though the Township themselves has freely shared images of the event with the media without blurring anyone’s faces, they claim that they must redact the faces of the children in the 2 plus hours of footage. Duff does not object to the needless blurring of the faces that were already seen on several local and even national news programs, rather he objects to the Township’s request that he pay the several hundred dollars it would cost to do so. Here is a link to a photo diary of the event from the Courier Post with 31 photos from the night, with dozens of kids faces shown.

Duff thinks that the video will show that the event was much more of a campaign event than it was a retirement party for Carli Lloyd and that Delran is just stalling to prevent any humiliation that the video will do. The Mayor said thousands of people showed up, but the images and videos from the media do not show that to be true.

The comments below were given just after the Council voted to deny Duff’s request to waive those fees.

Watch Video Here


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