14 Page Letter Submitted By VP Of Delran Historical Society Against Dunphy Variance.

The letter below was submitted by the 23 year old VP of the Delran Historical Society, PJ Buzzi, regarding his opposition to Dunphy Landscaping’s variance application on June 30th of 2020. You will learn that Mr. Buzzi also likes to take pictures of Landscaping companies on Bridgeboro Road, just like Delran’s Mayor does. Buzzi not only had issues with Dunphy’s operation, but he was also embattled with his neighbors across the street, Flagg’s Garden Center and Mchugh’s Landscaping, who Buzzi called the police on several times after being told to “fuck off” for taking pictures of a truck driver just trying to drop off a load to Flagg’s. Read below about how anyone messing with Mr. Buzzi’s daytime napping must pay the price!


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