Controversial Carli Video To Be Discussed At Tonight’s Council Meeting.

Delran Township’s Council will meet tonight at 7 pm via ZOOM for the first time since Delran’s Council President, Tyler Burrell, called out Mayor Gary Catrambone for his unethical behavior in the town hiring of his own nephews company to provide a DJ and band at a cost of $5,950 for the Carli Lloyd Retirement Celebration. At the last council meeting the Council President said that if Council had known that the Mayor’s nephew owned Go Events, they would have never have hired them. Even though the Council President Burrell clearly stated that he believed the Mayor acted unethically in the hiring of his own nephew, Mayor Gary Catrambone released his own statement claiming that he not only did nothing wrong, conveniently leaving out the fact that it was the Council President that had already stated so on the record, but he also called for himself to be investigated.

That statement put out by Mayor Gary Catrambone was most likely penned by Wendy Mitchell, the controversial Communications Director who has her job also on the line tonight as Council discusses the new contract for Delran’s newest position, Delran’s Communications Director, a job that Mayor Catrambone himself lobbied for last year to be added to Delran’s payroll. The contract in 2021 that was made for communications director was made between the Township of Delran and WLMitchell Consulting without ever going to a public bid, a company that does not actually exist. Even though the town has a contract with WLMitchell Consulting, they accepted a business registration certificate and W9 from Wendy Mitchell as an individual and required no proof of business insurance, even though Wendy was allegedly acting as an outside contractor.

The Council will also be discussing the release an OPRA request that Rabble Rouser Media filed with Delran Township for the release of the videos taken and paid for by Delran’s taxpayers of the Carli Lloyd Retirement Party. While the Township freely shared images of the event and all of it’s participants with local and national media, including dozens of children faces, they are refusing to share the videos taken of the Carli Lloyd party by claiming that the faces of the children that attended the event would need to be redacted and that Rabble Rouser Media would have to pay for the blurring of the kids faces, which could cost big money.

Why is the Township being so resistant on sharing the videos? Is it that they want to blur the kids faces to protect the identities that the Town already shared with local and national media? Or is it they want to hide that fact that the party was a bust and blur the faces of the dozens of politicians who showed up to a party that the Mayor claimed would be attended by thousands, yet only a couple hundred of mostly children showed up.

Will the Mayor respond tonight to the Council President’s allegations that he acted unethically in hiring his nephew? Will the Township again hire Wendy Mitchell as the communications director? Will the Council approve the release of the Carli Party video? Well you better get your favorite snack and beverage ready and tune in tonight at 7 pm HERE to find out!


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