Council President Tells A Tall Tale Regarding Split “Proposal”.

During last night’s council meeting in Delran the Council President was asked a question regarding the services that were contracted by Delran to throw a retirement party for US soccer star and Delran native, Carli Lloyd. The question, or questions, were regarding several proposals the township had recieved from a company called Starlite to provide staging, audio, lighting and video services. 3 of the proposals the township received included all 4 services in one, yet the fourth contract only included the audio, lighting and staging services. The video services were removed from the last of the 4 proposals and separated into a separate contract, creating what is known as bid splitting by breaking up services that should be offered as a whole, just as they were in the first 3 proposals.

Council President Burrell claimed last night that the services that were offered in the contracts that had been separated were different, hence why they needed the two separate contracts. Take a listen below.

As you can see below, the video services were already being offered by Starlite, services that Council President Burrell claimed were not the same. Can you see the difference?

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