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Delran Tax Payers Money Exits Stage Left.

If a picture is worth a thousand words than the two photos below should be worth about thirty thousand of them, but not thirty thousand words, more like thirty thousand dollars. Most of those words will be formed in the shape of questions for the Delran Government Officials and will probably be laced with many of those seven deadly ones. Stuff like “WTF did you do with my money and when is someone going to jail?”, will be uttered after the people of Delran see that they did not get what they paid for regarding the $39,000 stage for the Carli Lloyd event.

In both 2018 and 2019 Delran held events known as Delran Night Out that had outdoor staging with live music. Like the Carli Lloyd event the band for 2018 and 2019 were hired by the co-worker of Mayor Gary Catrambone, Alex Glover, who was also paid $2400 for the band in 2018 and $3,400 for the band in 2019. Alex was also paid to hire DJ’s three times, once for $250 and twice for $375, yet the Carli Lloyd event costs were $5950 for a DJ and band.

In financial documents received from the township it shows that the staging and audio services for the 2018 event costs were roughly $8,000 and the stage for 2019 cost was $9,602. So the stage for the Lloyd event was some $30,000 more than the costs for the stage in 2018 and 2019, costing the tax payers $39,000 for a stage, audio, and lighting for a 2.5 hour event. So what did the extra $31,000 buy the taxpayers for the biggest retirement party ever that the Mayor was pitching to potential donors that 5000-8000 people would be showing up?

Now remember, the video screens for the Carli Party were an extra $22,500 on top of the $39,000 for the stage, lighting and audio, so when comparing the images you can leave the video out of it. Do you see $30,000 worth of difference in the staging? If so, I got a nice bridge to sell you.

Also, guess what, I just got the Mayor and Council Presidents emails and I wanted to just give you a little sample of what I found. The Township Administrator cut off the faucet to the big spenders and the biggest party ever was in jeopardy of not taking place, but as any good DJ like the Mayor knows, the show must go on.

Stage for 2018 Delran Night Out Cost of the stage, lighting and audio roughly $8,000
Stage for 2019 Delran Night Out. Cost of stage, lighting and audio was $9,602.
Stage from the Carli Lloyd Retirement Party. Cost of stage and audio $39,000

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