DJ Mayor Spins a Web of Corruption

The Township of Delran has been quite lively over the last couple of weeks due to some controversy surrounding the costs of the Carli Lloyd retirement event and my investigations into those costs. I have become quite notorious in the town and surrounding areas due to this, with some even making memes of my beautiful face, and others cheering me on like I am Rudy sacking the QB. In this case that QB is Delran’s Mayor Gary Catrambone, who as you will see made some very questionable play calls that could land him on a bench in court.

Gary Catrambone works with Frank Catrambone at Center Stage Entertainment, which is located at 902 West Laurel Road in Lindenwold, NJ. Center Stage Entertainment provides DJ, photo booths and lighting services. These are similar services to the ones provided for the Carli Lloyd event that a company called Go Events was contracted by the town to do. Go Events Inc was paid a total of $5950 to provide a DJ and a band for two and a half hours. Now since Gary is a part of Center Stage Entertainment, one would wonder why he just didn’t hire his own company to provide the DJ and the band, I mean, that’s what the guy does, right? But as anyone in politics knows that is a big no no…one of the biggest.

An elected official cannot award contracts to his own company or that of his family and or co-workers. This is done to avoid schemes like inflated costs that directly hinder the services needed for the communities to thrive instead of one individual and their family and friends. Services that are now desperately needed for the residents on Stewart Ave who experienced the worst flooding they have seen in decades.

If I were speaking live on stage I’d ask DJ Catrambone to play a drum roll right now, but I think they’d turn the music up real loud so you couldn’t hear what I am about to say. Go Events registered on November 18th of 2020 in the State of Nevada, yet they bare a NJ address on their registration, a NJ address that just so happens to be the same address for Center Stage Entertainment and also just happens to be registered to Frank Catrambone. WTF? I think the record just skipped.


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  1. […] Alex Glover has been working with Mayor Gary Catrambone for the last 28 years at Center Stage Entertainment. The Florida address listed on the contract from SpellCaster is listed as the Florida address for Center Stage Entertainment and it also shows that a Donna Catrambone is the contact for Center Stage Entertainment out the the Florida address This is now co-worker/relative #2 at Center Stage Entertainment that the Mayor kicked down a contract to for hiring a band. Not only did Alex hire the band in 2018 and was seeking quotes on behalf of the township for the stage at the Carli Lloyd event, he is also the singing representative for Go Events! […]


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