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How Much Did Delran Spend on the Lloyd Celebration?

A celebration for a hometown hero was held last night in the small town of Delran. International soccer star, Carli Lloyd, was celebrated with a big event that was put together by the township. Hundreds attended the event, which included a large stage, live music and even a speech by Lloyd that was followed by a massive fireworks display.

Many people in local Delran Facebook groups have questioned the cost of the event. Some have made comments about taxes going up that have been met with a lot of opposition, with other residents saying who cares how much it costs and another person chiming in claiming the Fireworks portion were paid for through a donation from a local company…But what’s the truth?

For the sake of transparency one would think a local political official would jump in to answer these questions, but just like in most small towns, Delran is not as willingly transparent as one would want…but that’s where OPRA requests come in, as I made just this morning to clear up a of few of these questions. Request on opramachine.com

How much did the event cost to put on? At least $37,633.88, which is the cost incurred not including the fire and police hours dedicated to the event. With $12,000 of that being spent on the fireworks to Pyretecnico, $19,500 to Starlite for the stage and entertainment, $2250 to Poznek Enterprises for golf carts, about $2,000 to Robinson Waste for porto potties, and another $1800 for chairs and tents to SSE Party Rentals.

Update: It seems a large portion of the event was covered via donations from local companies, but we are still waiting on exact figures. We are also looking into the fact one of the largest donors possibly has a variance pending before the Township. We will update that info later when it is received.

Rabble Rouser Media is still waiting on the police and fire costs, and we will update the story when we receive those.

3 responses to “How Much Did Delran Spend on the Lloyd Celebration?”

  1. […] Mayor Gary Catrambone is listed as the original DJ at Center Stage Entertainment, where they say that “NOBODY DOES IT BETTER”, in regards to rocking a party. Mayor Catrambone is one of the main characters on the new show called As The Town Turns, the only small town real life soap opera playing out in real time as I report on my investigations into what has now become much larger than just the costs of the Carli Lloyd celebration. Listen, I had no intention of finding any improprieties, I just wanted to know how much fireworks cost. […]


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