Kevin Sabet warns of “extremely stringent” campaign laws in NJ.

Recently released email communications from an OPRA request show that the nations leading anti-pot crusader, Kevin Sabet, is still calling the shots when it comes to NJ’s pot prohibitionists. In one of the emails sent by David G Evans, a NJ attorney who specializes in providing legal counseling to rehabilitation facilities, Evans suggests that a new organization should be formed called “New Jersey Americans Against Legalizing marijuana” to fight the new legalization bill that placed the question on the November 3rd ballot. But wait, what happened to the caped crusaders from NJ’s most vocal anti-pot prohibitionists, NJ-RAMP?

In a separate email that was obtained by Rabble Rouser Media in the same OPRA request, we learn that NJ’s most outspoken and infamous anti-pot crusader, former PPB mayor and unregistered/registered lobbyist, Stephen Reid, has been “let go because they say there’s no money”. In the same email to NJ’s newest anti-pot unregistered lobbyist, Chief John Zebrowski, Reid claimed that he thinks “there giving up”, and wrote “It is very disappointing”.

The chief wrote back to Reid “I am so sorry to hear this. First, you have been a strong and articulate advocate against legalizing recreational marijuana and I also know that being such a recognizable figure on the subject created certain hardship issues for you, as well.”. Ironically, and hysterically, many of those hardships were a direct result of reporting by us here at Rabble Rouser Media on Reid and NJ-RAMP. Even though Reid claims he was “let go”, he is still listed on NJ-RAMPS website as RAMP’s Executive Director.

In a separate email that was sent by Sabet in response to an article shared with him that was written by, he makes a couple of very interesting claims. Sabet wrote “Hilariously we receive NO support from rehab centers. I wish we did. I’d wear that badge proudly. I don’t usually click on headynj links since they have stalked me and are not journalists.”. Dan Ulloa of HeadyNJ claims that he has never “stalked” Sabet and only sought comment from him, which he never received. Sabet’s claim that they “receive no support from rehab centers” couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sabet and Patrick Kennedy claimed to be the founders of NJ-RAMP, but they were not. NJ-RAMP was actually founded by former assembly person and CEO of Preferred Behavioral Health, Mary Pat Angelini. On the founding documents, which were filed on 11/6/2017, the President and sole incorporator is listed as none other than the anti-cannabis crusading former Assembly Person, Mary Pat Angelini. The other two people listed on the financial documents are Joseph Williams and Robert Zlotnick, both of whom also are the heads of NJ Rehabs, making Sabet’s claim even more ridiculous.

So if NJ-RAMP is already operational in fighting NJ’s legalization movement, why the need for this new organization that David Evans suggested?

In a response by Sabet to David Evan’s suggestion about forming a new organization, Sabet warns “I suggest you connect with the existing official committee, “Don’t Let NJ Go to Pot” per Gregg Edwards. He has already put in a lot of work. I also suggest you study the NJ campaign laws as they are extremely stringent regarding organizations, audits, etc. Kevin”.

Could it be that NJ-RAMP doesn’t have anymore money to pay Reid because they were audited by the NJ Election Commission and forced to disband? We will soon get that answer from a separate OPRA request we recently filed with the NJ Election Commission and let you know as soon as we find out.


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