Tennessee Covid-19 testing Conspiracy Theory Leads to Prison Camp for the Homeless.

Tariq Nasheed is very popular in the Twitterverse. Yesterday he made a post alleging that the residents of public housing had mandatory testing for Covid-19 being enforced by the national guard. We took a little time to find out what county officials had to say during the May 7th meeting and the results are below in the video.

We requested the total number of people tested, yet county officials could only say that 40% of the residents were voluntarily accepting the tests, and of all of the peeople tested, only 1 to 5 people have tested positive based in the information supplied by two county officials. One said 5, one said 1, either way it is an “extraordinarily low” percentage considering they have been testing for the last 2 weeks.

Tennessee officials are rounding up homeless people to force them into mandatory quarantine at a fairgrounds complex where a 39 year old man was arrested for trying to escape. Welcome to our new Murica.



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