Kevin Sabet And The Missing McMillions.

The nations biggest anti-pot protagonist, Kevin Sabet, has some questions he needs to answer, legally. Actually, there are millions of questions, as in where is the nearly million dollars in stocks that disappeared from the years 2017 to 2018, and where are the 990 forms for NJ-RAMP, the organization that was founded by Sabet and Patrick Kennedy?

Kevin at 14, the year he found his passion.

Where though does such a guy like Sabet come from anyway, and just how long has he been a shill against pot? I think that Kevin’s Father, Dr. Zabi Sabet, who is a Psychologist who immigrated from Iran and wound up working for NASA and several other Government organizations, might have had something to do with it. I wonder, did Pop use some of that hypnosis on his son to be such an anti-pot crusader, or was there another, more powerful force at work? As you can see in the pictures below, the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree for Sabet.

Nothing though is more powerful than the influence of a mother, and Kevin’s mother, Sophie, was quoted in the 1992 LA times in an article about the families faith, Baha’i, and how it guides her children. It seems Kevin didn’t have that much of a chance and was being indoctrinated from a very young age to become the anti-drug warrior he has become, from both his religious beliefs as well as what he was being taught at home.


In 1997 Kevin was a senior at Canyon High School in Anaheim California, where he was a


proud member of the local sheriff departments anti-drug program, and this is where he


got his first taste of getting his name in the papers.

After graduating Kevin left Canyon High School and began college at the University of California in Berkeley, where again, he took up the anti-pot stance and started to get noticed. At Berkeley, Kevin’s career and image as an anti-drug warrior


was now making the newspapers all over the country. On June 16th of 1999, a “joint” subcommittee was convened on drug use in the house of representatives where a letter by a 20 year old Kevin Sabet was read for the entire congress to hear.

The Congressional record shows the following about Kevin from 1999:

At this point a young Kevin was just hitting his stride as America’s biggest up and coming


anti-pot warrior, and by now he was being quoted in papers all across the country, even being asked to speak about his beliefs to families all the way in Decatur, GA.

So now that we know that Kevin was intentionally created as the Manchurian Candidate against Marijuana, we can understand him a little better, this has been his MO since he was just a child. We get it, Kevin, you are holier than thou and without fault, except it seems when it comes to filing taxes for the last 2 years for your organization, NJ RAMP, which Kevin and Patrick Kennedy claimed to have founded.

The word “claimed” is used because Kevin was not the actual founder of NJ-RAMP, even though on the NJ-RAMP website it says that him and Patrick Kennedy are the founders, so why lie? As we reported last year the real founder is the infamous anti-pot crusader and CEO of Preferred Behavioral Health Group, former NJ Assembly person, Mary Pat Angelini. NJ-RAMP, which is oddly registered in the state of Delaware and not NJ, has never filed any 990 forms as required by the IRS for 2017, 2018 or 2019, even though we know they were illegally paying former Mayor Stephen Reid as their unregistered lobbyist.



Why is Kevin fronting with Patrick Kennedy as the founders of an organization that was actually founded by Mary Pat Angelini? Oddly, Patrick Kennedy’s wife, Amy Kennedy, is running as a “progressive democrat” for congress in NJ. So why is her husband playing the front man for one of the heaviest republican players in the state? Does the Democratic party have another possible Jeff Van Drew on their hands, which is ironically the person Amy will be facing off against.

A whole lot of questions are left unanswered by this group, namely, how much money did NJ-RAMP bring in from 2017-2018 and who gave them their money to campaign across NJ as strongly as they did. In 2017 Sam Action had only one investment listed, which was $3,794,068 of stocks in the Bank of Montreal, but the very next year of 2018, only $2,838,412 in stocks are listed, where did the almost 1 million dollars go? From 2017 to 2018, the Bank of Montreal Stock went up nearly $10, from $71.00 per share to $80. per share, so where did the dough go, Kevin?




6 responses to “Kevin Sabet And The Missing McMillions.”

  1. How’s that Drug-Free Berkeley thing working out, Kevin?

    Also: “Angelini and Prevention First have taken millions of dollars under the banner of substance abuse, showcasing just how easy it is for her industry to profit from drug prohibition offenders; mainly marijuana consumers. This money-making scheme, funded by taxpayers, is legal and institutionally ethical.”


  2. I agree with legalization BUT THIS is a ridiculous hit piece dude. Who cares- his org probably just spent the money.
    Are you being racist? It sure sounds like it. You dig up exactly zero dirt. A shame really.


    • A non profit has to account for that type of spending. They enjoy lavish tax benefits at our expense. I work for a non profit. All of our funders are listed on our web site. But no Kevin funders none are listed. Why is this of interest? Because we see in this article the link between rehab, forced rehab that is business people like Mary Pat Angelini to prohibition. Most of their clients come from Cannabis users, caught and offered jail or rehab. This is utter corruption and must be exposed.


    • There is no racism. He states a fact, the family origin is from Iran. How is that racist? Patrick has shown how corrupt Kevin and the other prohibitionists are, how their ‘work” is based on their own pockets. The missing million is not trivial. A non profit has obligations to show and justify why they don’t need to pay taxes like the rest of us.


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