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Patient Zero, Wuhan or Wanaque?

UPDATE: The NJ DOH Spokesperson partially responded to an inquiry made by RRM and said that the strain of Coronavirus was not the Covid-19, but she would not comment on any of the patients contidions and said anymore information can be accessed through OPRA, which has been suspended temporarily until this is over.  I have already sought records through an OPRA request and I will update the site wheh more info comes available.  


The first cases of the novel Coronavirus, (known officially as Covid-19) were reported to the World Health Organization on December 31st of 2019 by the Chinese Government.  Since then the virus has spread across every continent, except for Antarctica, and done so in just a couple of months.

In an unprecedented set of moves, entire states have forced businesses to close. TheGovernor of NJ, Phil Murphy, even imposed a curfew, as if the virus is somehow more susceptible to spreading at night.


Some Chinese officials have claimed that the virus was deliberately released by the U.S. Army: by a team that was in Wuhan to compete in the Military World Games in October of 2019. President Trump dismissed that claim from Chinese officials as ridiculous, even citing that claim as defense against charges that he was engaging in racism by publicly referring to Covid-19 as the “Chinese Virus.”

That Chinese claim, made during a tweet, went on to ask America to identify it’s patient zero, as if America was hiding where the outbreak actually started.  That U.S. Army team is said to have eaten at the fish market in Wuhan that scientists believe is where Covid-19 was born, but was it?

The fact that top Chinese officials made such an accusation sure brought out the old conspiracy theorist in me. That and other factors like America’s financial markets are tanking and we are under the closest version of martial law since Japanese-Americans were moved into interment camps by the federal government during WWII.

The federal government’s Picatinny Arsenal is located in far northern New Jersey and it houses ARDEC. This entity is the division of the Army responsible for making and improving new weapons, including for bio-warfare.

Just 25 miles from the arsenal sits the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. This is a facility center for nursing and rehabilitation whose patients include children who are medically fragile or receiving palliative care.

The Wanaque Center made major headlines in 2018 when 11 children under care at the Wanaque facility died from an outbreak of the adenovirus and more than 30 were sickened.

In January of 2020 Wanaque was back in the news after an investigation into a large numbers of children, along with an elderly patient, were again sickened in December of 2019.

However, this time, the infection event at Wanaque was with a Coronavirus.

Which type of Coronavirus caused the 2019 infection at Wanaque is not known, since there are several types of this virus. But the timing arguably raises questions, especially considering the area around the center has a much higher Covid-19 infection rate than the rest of the country.  The town of Teaneck, New Jersey sits just 20 miles from the Wanaque Center where the outbreak was reported in December, and is only 50 miles from New Rochelle NY, where the city has been on lock-down for weeks and has over 100 people infected.


During the December outbreak at Wanaque, children got better but the center refused to comment on the elderly patient’s condition, which is still unknown. (NorthJersey.com is the only news organization to provide coverage on the December Coronavirus incident at Wanaque.)

And here is a really curious circumstance: one of the workers at Wanaquealso tested positive for the virus but was not asked to quarantine.

Even more alarming, none of the nurses and aides who worked with the sick were quarantined. So, it’s reasonable to assume that many Wanaque workers could have easily carried that Coronavirus back to their local communities without even knowing. Remember, workers at Wanaque live in the surrounding areas like Teaneck, which is in the heart of Bergen County, ground zero for NJ. 

The first news reports to hit the U.S. about the Covid-19 virus were on January 9th of 2020, six days after the New Jersey Department of Health reportedly closed its case on a Coronavirus outbreak at the Wanaque Center.

So, the question must be asked: was patient zero for Covid-19 someone in Wuhan…or was it possibly a person 7,452-miles away at Wanaque?



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