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Racist Referee becomes hashtag in minutes! #AlanMaloney

This morning I was waiting for my wife while she was in an office and I noticed a post made by Shaun King about a young black wrestler that was forced to cut his hair in the middle of a match or forfeit.  As soon as I saw the Referee in the video I knew it was none other than Alan Maloney, a referee in NJ for at least the last 20 plus years.  I knew it was him because he was a referee when I was a wrestler, and for some reason the guy hated me, so I knew it would only be right to let Shaun King know his name and help make him famous.

In just 10 hours the tweet has been shared over 1000 times and liked over 2500, and with that the newest BBQ Becky was born, #AlanMaloney

The crazy part of this guys story is that about 2 years agohe was at an event with other referees and he decided to drop the “N” word a couple of times while in front of Preston Hamilton.  Preston, who just happens to be black and carries an official BMF wallet, picked up Maloney and slammed his bald ass to the ground.  Both were originally suspended for a year after Hamilton complained about the remarks, only to both be reinstated with no punishment for either of the two.

#Alanmaloney is now trending all over the internet and the school and wrestling association are receiving hundreds of calls asking to fire Maloney.  If you want to help get #AlanMaloney fired you can call or email to:

David Cappuccio Jr.


Buena Regional School District
Administrative Office:

914 Main Avenue

Richland, NJ 08350
Mailing Address:

PO BOX 309

Buena, NJ 08310

856-697-0800 ext. 8110



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