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Black Preacher fights against memorial for MLK.

On August 21st at 3pm Vince Squire entered the township building in Maple Shade on a mission to stop the installation of a plaque that was set to honor the first civil rights incident that Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr was ever involved with.  Vince was armed with a 68 year old document that he was claiming absolved the town of the incident and he demanded to speak to the town’s manager, Joe Andl.  The document was the lawyers statement on behalf of his client, the same client who had not only refused King and 3 young African Americans service, but also threatened them with a gun, shooting it into the air and shouting “I’ll kill for less”, as he was demanding the four to leave.


Like any good defense attorney, Thomas McGann was defending his client with that statement, but the Judge at the time did not buy the story that was told and held the owner on $500 bail.  Vince Squire though, did believe the story of the defendant, so much so that he was willing to demand the town stop the installation of the plaque that had been in the works for the last 3 and a half years. Vince, who is also an African American preacher, wanted to make sure that Maple Shade was not seen in a negative light and to let them know that race had nothing to do with Dr. King not being served.  In fact, Vince was claiming that it was Dr. King who was the lawbreaker in this situation, and that he deserved the treatment he received.

Squire, who is running as a Republican Candidate for Camden County Freeholder, was floored when he learned that his efforts, which were made 3 and a half years after the idea was first floated, were a bit to late and that the plaque had already been installed.  Staring up at the plaque, Squire knew his long fight to absolve the restaurant owner of being a racist needed to be brought to the public, so he joined a pro Trump Congressional candidate named Paul Dilks at an abandoned stop and go to do a radio show and voice his concerns with like minded people.

While on air the show caught the ear of one particular listener, the person who has been spearheading the effort to have the plaque installed, Patrick Duff.  Duff, who just happened to be close to the abandoned stop and go, decided to crash the broadcast.  The look on Squire’s face as Duff entered the building was priceless, it was as if he had seen a ghost.

Once Squire’s segment was finished he made his way to the parking lot, where he was confronted and questioned by Duff.  Check out the video below to see and hear the outcome of that encounter.



The Township Manager said the following in an email to Duff:

“Hi Mr. Duff,

Two guys came to the building at 3PM yesterday. They interrupted a meeting I was having with my recreation director. They were disputing claims you had made about the events at Mary’s Café and that the town should not put up a memorial. I told them it did not matter that the marker was already installed and we wanted to have a marker indicating that Dr. King visited this site. They asked about money and I said we did not take any money from you for the marker.

Yes, the man in the video was here with another man who said he was from South Jersey News. “


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